Connecting West Tennessee through Rail Service.

Forked Deer Valley Railroad Authority

Current progress of the construction of the Forked Deer Valley Railroad Authority.

The old roundhouse that burned in the early 50ís is being modeled from Waltherís 6 stall 933-3202 N-scale. Below is the current state of construction.

The picture (to the left) is of the first diesel power of the FDVRR system.† It is a similar PA/PB diesel engine being driven by my grandfather-Babe Allen (hostler) in the photo.† The engine number will be the same as that being driven by him in the photo.

Track layout in compressed detail of the original Iselin Shops of the Gulf, Mobile & Ohio line.† Jackson was the home of the GM&O.†

Construction of Iselin Roundhouse

Bringing rolling stock to GM&O and FDVRR colors

Trackage in Iselin

Project List

Copy of original insurance plat of Iselin Shops.† From Jackson Madison County Public Library Archives

The peninsular table of the FDVRR is under construction in its current state.

Landscape of the FDVRR

The engineering section offices-using micro-systems for planning and construction.† The tolerances in N-scale are very close.† Even a micro millimeter can cause a derailment.

Back Offices and Maintenance Area for the FDVRR